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Benefits of Hydro Excavation
When the need for heavy-duty earth-moving equipment arises, one of the most practical options is hydro excavation. Unlike traditional earth-moving methods, which require expensive construction vehicles, hydro excavation uses a single machine to move heavy-duty debris off the land. This technology is also used to create new structures and bridges, which are essentially sandbags on wheels. In addition, it can save a great deal of time and money.

Hydro excavation is safer than conventional digging methods. The use of pressurized water and vacuuming removes the earth quickly. The water is heated to cut through frozen soil and clay, and it is also safe for work around underground utilities. Another benefit is that hydro excavation does not create any ash or other hazardous waste, which can cause problems if improperly disposed of. Consequently, it is best left to the experts. However, hydro excavation is not for every project.

One of the primary benefits of hydro excavation is that it is a non-destructive process. Its use is much safer than hand digging or using heavy machinery. This method can damage existing infrastructure. Studies show that seventy percent of damages in the utility industry are caused by shovel strikes. Using hydro excavation reduces the risk of damaging buried infrastructure, which reduces both the amount of time lost while the project is in progress and the cost of additional repairs. The water jet cleans the ground, enabling easy repair and maintenance after the excavation.

A hydrovac is another benefit of hydro excavation. Its use in clearing soil is extremely efficient because the water is heated. In addition to removing dirt, the water will also help with daylighting and soil trenching. The latter is a very useful application for this technology, which is often necessary when installing underground utilities. A hydrovac is also useful for clearing debris from the site. A hydrovac is an excellent choice for cold-weather or wet weather excavation.

In colder climates, conventional excavation methods can leave a muddy mess that is not completely safe for workers. Typically, a hydrovac uses hot water to soften the ground, making the process much more environmentally-friendly and safe. By using a water vacuum and hot water, a hydrovac will be more effective and efficient in a variety of applications, including digging in remote locations, slot trenching, and other jobs.

Hydro excavation can be used to remove soil from construction sites. This technique is not only efficient for trenching but is also safer for the environment. Using water, a hydrovac will not disturb the soil during the excavation process, reducing the risks of damaged property and saving you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, it will not disrupt the surrounding landscape, and backfilling after hydrovacing will only be necessary if there is no other alternative.

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